Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness

How charting works

Have you ever kept a diary? Are you into blogging? Well, charting your menstrual cycle is quite similar – it’s just blogging (privately) about your body. That’s the beginning of fertility awareness. I’ll teach you how to jot down signs that your body gives you every single day. You have to do this religiously – every single day.

BBT thermometerFirst task: Every morning when you wake up, you have to take a special thermometer (a BBT thermometer) and put it in your mouth. This thermometer enables you to track when ovulation occurs because as soon as you ovulate you see higher temperatures than usual. So that’s the first thing. Easy right?

The next step is to look for cervical mucus. Sound gross? Not really. It’s just something to look out for whenever you go to the toilet. Mucus is the key to falling pregnant. If you see mucus, you have a 75% chance of falling pregnant if you have sex that day.

chartingWhen a woman ovulates she’s horny – she wants sex, but the method requires abstinence during this time if you don’t want to fall pregnant (or you need to use a barrier method). But hey, that just forces you to be creative in bed and do other stuff, which keeps your sex life alive. The other side of the coin is just spending time with each other – connect and do other things when you can’t have sex. Enjoy each other’s company. Doesn’t sound terrible does it? The disadvantage to you ladies is your husband finds you more attractive and sexy when you are ovulating.


So, yes, there are a few disadvantages to the method, such as having to abstain at times, and writing down what is happening in your body each day.

But the many benefits of this method are:

  • More sex
  • A better marriage
  • The tools to listen to your body
  • A period that is never late
  • An awareness for both you and your partner of what stresses you out
  • The freedom to fall pregnant easily when you are ready to.

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